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CALL US: 480-816-0100


Golden Heritage Homes is a design-build firm that is dedicated to thrilling our clients with luxury custom homes they love. That is why our custom home building process is thorough; our team takes the necessary time to get to know you. This allows us to accurately reflect your personal style. For a better understanding of what working with us is like, take a look at our custom home design process and our custom home building process. From the first moment we meet to the last, you will see why Golden Heritage Homes is the superior home building company in the Phoenix, AZ, area. If you have any questions regarding our design process or custom home building process, please fill out a contact form on our website, or call us at 408-816-0100.


Phase 1 – Initial Meeting

During this phase we get to know more about you and your lifestyle needs. Tell us your hopes, ideas and thoughts. Bring clippings, tear outs and pictures that express what you are looking for in your new custom home. We want to see it all! Our desire is to create a new home which exceeds all of your expectations. A great home starts with a great foundation. We will use this time to ensure we understand your lifestyle, normal routines and all your exact needs and desires

Phase 2 – Your Home Site

Some of our Homeowners have already acquired a home site while others choose from lots we have available. We are also able to assist you in locating the perfect home site based upon various factors including location, home size, price point and school district. Once a home site has been selected, we will then prepare a set of specifications, tailored specifically for you, based on our discussions in Phase 1. These will allow us to finalize a preliminary budget for your consideration and contractual purposes.

Phase 3 – Plan Design and Development

This exciting phase combines all of your ideas and dreams with the depth of our homebuilding experience and local knowledge of the home site you have selected. Using either Engineers, Architects and Designers we partner with, or someone whom you have selected, we coordinate the process of creating a full set of Construction Documents for your new custom home.

Phase 4 – Final Selections

Our exclusive in-house design professional will coordinate all of the finish materials, color selections, appliance selections, plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures with you. Because we have already laid the ground work with you, and have a good idea of your likes and dislikes, we have tailored this phase to be as easy for you as possible. Seeing it all come together can be the most fun and rewarding time of the pre-construction process.

Phase 5 – Pre-Construction

The final architectural plans near completion and all of your selections are used to finalize budgets, specifications and schedules. Final approvals and permits will be acquired from the local building authorities and we will layout key points of your new home on the site and walk these areas with you. It’s time to take a lot of pictures!

Phase 6 – Construction

Now that all of the preliminary work is done, the excitement can really begin. We will be in constant communication with you throughout the entire process, with regularly scheduled visits on site. Much to some peoples’ surprise, construction is not a perfect science. It is a process mostly put together by hand and not manufactured in a controlled facility. While we strive to make it as flawless and seamless as possible, it is inevitable that minor changes will need to be made, either because of the process itself or due to changes that you would like to make. At key significant intervals during the construction of your new home, we will conduct a thorough site visit inspection with you to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Communication is the key to success and we work hard to make sure there are no misunderstandings!

Phase 7 – Welcome Home

Just prior to final completion of your new home, lets open the front door and perform a final walkthrough of each and every room and element. During the walkthrough we will ensure that the level of craftsmanship meets your expectations and we will explain the operation of all the environmental controls, appliances and special systems in your home. We take great pride in building your new custom home and want you and your family to be as proud of your new home as we are.




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